#JOON launches #Seychelles flights


(Posted 07th May 2018)

Reality is kicking in that Air Seychelles, once the pride and joy of the archipelago, was once again pushed off their key route to Paris. This is the second time after several years ago ‘partner’ Etihad kicked the airline off the route in favour of flying passengers via Abu Dhabi to France’s capital, before market demands progressively saw the national airline of Seychelles claw their way back to resume direct flights, also via Abu Dhabi, before eventually restoring direct flights.
Now it is the government of Seychelles which is held responsible for granting JOON traffic rights on days Air Seychelles was operating, effectively sealing the fate of Air Seychelles flights to France.
The archipelago’s national airline is now undergoing a brutal route and staff cutting, all due to such errors by their own government and by their ‘partner’ Etihad. The latter is also in financial trouble due to failed investments elsewhere, such as moribund Alitalia and once pretender to the German airline throne Air Berlin, now bankrupt and gone from the scene.
The Seychelles’ national airline, ignored by Etihad and given the short straw by their own government, is now looking to transform into a purely regional airline and only time will tell what the future will hold.
Meanwhile has Joon yesterday commenced their three weekly flights into Mahe every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, using an Airbus A340, an ageing aircraft type compared to Air Seychelles’ state of the art A330.
An official ceremony is planned for the 15th of May to formally welcome JOON to the Seychelles.

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