Kenya Airways resumes Rome flights, share issue take up encouraging after the first week of sale


Information from Nairobi confirmed during the week that Kenya Airways has now resumed flights to the Italian capital Rome after a brief suspension of services in March. While it could not be conclusively confirmed, the cause of the suspension was subject to some speculation amongst aviation observers, with opinions ranging from low load factors to the more credible suggestion that owing to maintenance of B767-300 aircraft the airline simply did not have the required number of birds to fly a full schedule and opted out of Rome for the duration.
Kenya Airways, like many other carriers, was initially expecting to have at least 2 if not more B787 Dreamliners operating by now but due to a number of production delays the first delivery is now only expected at the end of Q1 of 2014, leaving the airline thinly spread on long haul routes when unscheduled maintenance occurs.
Earlier in the week the airline also reaffirmed that they would, once new long haul aircraft have joined the growing fleet in 2014, expand their reach into China to cover as many as 6 destinations, the same incidentally also envisaged for India, to tap into the fastest growing markets for travel and trade in coming years.
In a related development it was also learned from financial market sources that the uptake of Kenya Airways share rights issue after the first week has neared 80 percent, with 3 more weeks to go. Watch this space.

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  1. KQ has not resumed flight from ROME to NBO I have 19 people leaving the end of May and 1 June..Our tickets had been written and paid. Willy Nilly KQ cxl flts…and have raised every objection to taking care of clients until I just kept on, keeping on. We were advised and purchased a separate AA Business TKT for one dr. who had back surgery..because AA/KQ did not give KQ a business class to sell on a KQ/AA flight from DFW.Now…flight cancelled, AA has a 500.00 penalty and has to be rerouted and space is basically gone unless we purchase an upgrade of 1500.00…KQ assumes no responsibility on the basis that it is a separate tkt..and it is..but purchased on their advice. I am so absolutely fed up with carriers who will take no responsible, responsibility for situations such as this. I have contacted KQ pres/ceo..board memebers..nothing..not one thing…a note from customer service..sorry.

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