Kenya aviation breaking news – Plane crash kills two near Nairobi

A mid afternoon plane crash outside the city of Nairobi, reportedly in the distant suburb of Karen at the foot of the Ngong Hills, has taken the lives of two of three occupants of the stricken craft. The plane of still unspecified make had reportedly left Wilson Airport earlier in the day to deliver school examination papers to Marsabit and Lodwar in the North of the country and was approaching Nairobi again when something went wrong. Eyewitnesses are quoted that the plane spun out of control while still in the air and crashed nose down to the ground. Three occupants were pulled from the wreckage and taken to a nearby hospital from where soon after the sad news emerged that at least two had succumbed to their serious injuries while a third occupant was still in very critical condition, fighting for his life.
A school near the crash site was miraculously spared destruction as the plan went down a short distance away from the buildings in an open ground area. Investigations are now underway led by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority to establish the cause of the accident. Condolences are expressed by the eTN East Africa team to the families and friends of the victims while best wishes are extended to the now sole survivor of the crash.