Kenya aviation news update – MAS introduces ‘vintage Dakota’


Capt. Johnny Cleave, CEO and principal owner of Mombasa Air Safari, took delivery earlier in the week of a vintage DC 3 ‘Dakota’ aircraft at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa. The airline bought the plane outright albeit with assistance of a bank loan for the purpose.

The pre World War II aircraft, first flown in 1935 and over 16.000 of these planes were built and put into civilian and military service. MAS’ version is fully restored and avionically upgraded with state of the art equipment, and will be a magnet of attention as it will from now on conduct sightseeing flights as well as flights to the country’s national parks with tourists from the coast, eager to experience being in a vintage plane. The slightly ‘enlarged’ version of the plane will carry up to 32 passengers in ‘standard’ airline seats and also features two modern turboprop engines which will keep operating costs under control.

Registered as 5Y-WOW, the wow effect will undoubtedly help to market the plane and keep it busy in the air with good payloads.

Happy landings to the plane, the crews and all the future passengers on board.