Rwanda news update – More nominations for global awards for Rwanda


Information was received overnight from Kigali that the country has been nominated for two major global awards in recognition of their environmental policies put in place.

The ‘World Future Council’ put Rwanda up for their award to have comprehensively banned the use of plastic bags in the country, which prohibits the use, sale, importation and production of the environmental menace at the risk of stiff fines and prison sentences.

The other award nomination came for a women’s group project dealing with the removal of water hyacinth from Lake Bugesera, where the invasive plant had covered fish breeding grounds and became a source of malaria carrying mosquitoes nesting in it. The group was nominated for the Energy Globe Award in the ‘water category’. Once removed from the water the hyacinth plants can be used as feed for goats but also be converted into fibres for basket weaving and other uses, or else to make ‘energy bricks’ for domestic use in lieu of charcoal.

Way to go Rwanda and it is great to see the world does recognize the country’s extraordinary efforts to maintain biodiversity and protect the environment with such determination.