Kenya heritage tourism news – Turkana Festival set for May 18 – 20

The diversity and heritage of the Turkana people and region in Kenya will be celebrated once again this year in May at Loiyangalani, for the fifth year running. Supported by the German Embassy, the Kenya Tourist Board / Magical Kenya, the National Museums of Kenya, the local communities and Private Safaris (K) since its inception in 2008 the festival brings together the cultures and traditions of the Turkana, El Molo, Rendille, Samburu, Dassanach, Ghabra, Borana, Konso, Burji and Wata tribes. While dance, song and poetry will be performed the festival also highlights the living conditions of people living for multi generations in this part of Kenya. At the festival site in Loiyangalani will also be replicas of traditional homesteads as will the locally made dishes be available for visitors to see and sample. An extensive festival programme has been put together, including visits to the local Desert Museum and to see rock art for those who make their way by road or air to Turkana.
While blessed with breathtaking vistas around the Jade Lake, formerly known as Lake Rudolf, home of the Sibiloi National Park and the world famous prehistoric sites unearthed by the Leakey family, life generally is hard for the tribespeople, as the waters of the lake have been receding for the past decades and in particular last year famine struck the region, making widespread food aid necessary.
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