Tragic end for Amazing Race freelance producer

A reliable source from one of Kampalas leading hotels has confirmed that Jeff Rice, a producer on the Amazing Race series, has died under unclear circumstances, and that his travelling companion has been admitted in a coma condition in a local surgery. Allegations are sweeping Kampala now that drugs had been discovered in their room at the hotel and police investigations into case are now ongoing due to the suspicious circumstances. The involvement of local suspects has not being ruled out. Notably have Ugandan daily newspapers and media not yet caught on to the story, something which is bound to change overnight now that the news are out in the open.
It was not clear why Jeff Rice had been in Uganda, whether on a private vacation or if he could have been researching locations for another Amazing Race sequence, now that the 20th season of the show has just premiered last week. Uganda has been named as the top destination in the Lonely Planet Guide for 2012, leading to renewed interest for the country as a tourism destination from overseas and could therefore be of increased interest to movie and series producers from abroad.
Allegations made in US based blogs, that the duo was poisoned as part of a robbery attempt, have been discounted by the source, leaving other motives and scenarios however wide open to speculation.