Kenya news – New geothermal power plant construction goes underway at Olkaria

Kenyas policy decision to have half of the electricity produced by 2018 come from geothermal sources has been boosted when ground was broken yesterday to begin construction of another 280 MW geothermal power plant to be known as Olkaria III, neighbouring the existing plants of Olkaria I and Olkaria II. Multinational funding was put in place as early as two years ago and when the plant goes on line, expected to be in the second quarter of 2014, Kenyas carbon footprint will be greatly improved by the use of the earths own underground heat. Another geothermal plant is being constructed near the Menengai Crater outside Nakuru where progressively more units are being installed and made operational.
At the same time is work going on to prepare the site for Kenyas first major wind power plant in the Turkana area, which is due to delivery over 300 MW when complete, also of renewable sources. A smaller wind power station at Ngong Hills is also due to be enlarged to still the growing hunger for electricity, presently unsatisfied and leading to regular power outages necessitating the use of costly diesel generators.

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