Seychelles news – Fire at Berjaya Beach Resort and Casino prompts temporary evacuation of guests

A fire in a storage room at the back of the Berjaya Beach Resort and Casino in Beau Vallon prompted a full scale evacuation of guests around 11 pm at night on Sunday. The fire brigade, which arrived only minutes after the emergency call was received, managed to extinguish the fire and contain it to the immediate area around the storage room, leaving the kitchen and in particular the public areas and guest rooms without damages.
Earlier that day had a group of Chinese tourists checked into the resort after arrival on a special charter flight operated by Ethiopian Airlines. No injuries to guests were reported nor was any of their property lost and the tourists were later on allowed back into their rooms, able to continue with their holiday as planned.
The prompt reaction by the fire brigade was widely hailed as were hotel workers assisting the fire fighter after they had only recently undergone safety and fire drills, under the guidance of the fire brigade, an investment which clearly paid off. The suspected cause of the fire seems electrical in nature and foul play was ruled out already.