Kenya tourism news – Aberdare Country Club to shine again as refurbishment and upgrading continues


While in Kenya on a fact finding mission to ascertain the state of the tourism industry at the end of what will become the best ever performing year for Kenya Tourism, information was also obtained on the ongoing progress of renovations and the upgrading of one of this correspondents all time favourites, the Aberdare Country Club. First reported here some months ago, when Marasa Kenya launched their modernization and upgrade programme for their three Kenyan properties, the work is ongoing now and expected to be finalized by Easter 2012.
The Aberdare Country Clubs 9 hole golf course too is undergoing work to improve the standards of playing and the introduction of golf carts will make it easier to cover the at times significant elevation differences from one hole to the next. Horse riding too is being re-introduced with new stables under construction, giving clients wider options of what to do during an extended stay at the Aberdare Country Club.

The owners did mention that it was their absolute desire to enhance the flair of the former colonial country side residence while retaining the distinct feel visitors immediately have when driving up to the main building, something which helped make the club a success with visitors from overseas and from within Kenya and the wider region.
An advance peep into what the new rooms are likely to be transformed to was also obtained while in Kenya, promising comfort and style for the new look Aberdare Country Club when work has been completed.
Sister properties The Ark and the Mara Leisure Camp too are undergoing a similar transformation and as and when nearing completion, expect updates and more pictures from on site right here. Watch this space.