KenyaBuzz launches ‘on the go entertainment and leisure guide’ phone app for Android


Kenya’s premier leisure, food, entertainment and travel e-Guide for what’s to do, where to go and what to find where has just launch their phone application, which is now available to get the news on the go, the first such known app available for this purpose in the entire East Africa.

KenyaBuzz’s ‘app’ is targeted towards people who want to know about and actively participate in the rapidly growing social scene in Kenya, be it Kenyans, East Africans on visit or tourists and business visitors from further abroad. Aptly named, ‘Kenyabuzz Raha’ with the slogan ‘fun at your fingertips’, the ‘app’ gives its users the ability to:

· Search events by city and area, date, or type of event including- art exhibitions, festivals/craft fairs, films, kids events, live music events, nightlife, photography, fashion, sports, theater, dance, yoga/meditation, campus events and much more.

· Check the movie listings by movie or theater for all movie theaters throughout Kenya.

· Search for restaurants by city, area, or cuisine.

· Find other fun including bars and nightclubs, sightseeing spots, spas, casinos, recreation activities and other fun and interesting places in Kenya.

This is just the first version of the app’, said the CEO of Kenyabuzz Alix Grubel when asked about the innovation before she continued: ‘it simply gives the user information. But the next versions of the app will be interactive in the sense that they will allow people to check into the places, find their friends, make comments, review places, upload pictures and earn badges’.

The app, which can be downloaded free of charge by anyone with an android phone, will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the Kenyan social scene where previously it was difficult to get accurate and up-to-date information on the go, something which has now changed forever as KenyaBuzz catapulted itself into the next generation of lifestyle and entertainment guides similar to those available in Dubai, London or New York.

Kenyabuzz Raha is available for download from or from the Google Play Store via

Well done indeed Alix and all the staff at KenyaBuzz and of course many thanks for continuing to feature selected articles from this correspondent.

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