Kenyan government and Railway Corporation under fire for dirty tricks

THEY DID IT AGAINKenya Railways Corporation and government allies accused of dirty tricks campaign and deception

KRC hastily called for public consultations for the EIAS of the SGR, but now they are reportedly not on.

The Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) consultation meetings, required for the delayed Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) on the ill-conceived planning of the Standard Gauge Railway phase IIa, which were called for so hastily by KRC have reportedly been cancelled. However no official communication has been received so far by anyone, though it was stated that even the Governor objected to KRC’s quick-shot and called it a breach of due process, since people can not prepare for such important meetings in such a short time.

Like with the public hearing concerning the SGR route through The Bomas of Kenya and the Miotoni Triangle to Karinde – called for last December by KRC and then cancelled last minute in the morning of the hearing day – apparently the three days of public consultations this week are off. Stakeholders and residents in the Twala area (near Kitengela Glass) confirmed they had written a letter saying they object the hasty process. Thereby we were assured that the consultation scheduled for tomorrow in Twala shall not take place.

Likewise no official from KRC or the Chinese constructors showed their face in NANJU or EWASO KEDONG today.

However, many letters were written, which challenged the at first delayed and now hastily resumed ESIA process and – as we stated yesterday – many are of the legal opinion that it would be a contempt of court to hold these consultations, since the National Environmental Tribunal (NET) had issued a stop order for the SGR phase II on Monday. (see also article below).

Citizens and civil society organization, who want to execute their constitutional rights, but are regularly frustrated by KRC and forced to react to their hidden moves, now call for joined class action to sue KRC for damages caused by their flawed planning processes, and to compensate people and organizations for costs incurred. The conning tactics of KRC, other officials involved as well as their Chinese contractors are unprecedented. The whole affair is scandalous and a shame for Kenya.

What we happily can ensure you is that the WALK IN THE PARK on Saturday 24th is on and people are welcome from 8h onwards but not confined to a specific time for their participation.
(see yesterday’s mail with map and video).

At 09h00 today, 23rd of September will another demonstration gather at freedom corner of Uhuru Park to then march at 09h30 from there to hand in letters against the destruction of Nairobi National Park to the relevant offices in town.

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