World Rhino Day + Why Rhinos Matter & Swaziland’s fighting talk

Save the Rhino International: World Rhino Day + Why Rhinos Matter & Swaziland’s fighting talk

World Rhino Day, Swaziland, and sanctions against Vietnam?
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Today is World Rhino Day 2016 and at Rhino HQ we’re going back to basics and asking why save rhinos? This Saturday also sees the start of CITES Conference of the Parties 17, with attention focused on Swaziland after the country’s “11th hour” proposal to legalise the international trade in rhino horn. Back in the UK, Save the Rhino international is calling for tougher legislation on the antique rhino horn trade, with evidence that modern rhino horn is being laundered in Britain’s auction houses.

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New Video: Why save rhinos

To mark World Rhino Day 2016 we’re reminding ourselves why we do what we do with help from a powerful new video, which asks the simple question: Why save rhinos? Please share with your family and friends to show your support for #WorldRhinoDay2016

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Swaziland comes out fighting for the legal horn trade

In one of the most consistently controversial topics in conservation, Swaziland has submitted a proposal to CITES to lift the international ban on the rhino horn trade. The proposal has attracted criticism and support across the conservation world. But will it pass at CITES? And what is Save the Rhino International’s stance?

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CITES CoP17: How will China and Viet Nam fare?

China and Viet Nam are the world’s largest markets for illegal traded rhino horn, yet both have poor records in tackling the trafficking and consumption of rhino horn driving the poaching crisis. In the run up to CITES, will the threat of US sanctions against Viet Nam spur both governments into action?

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Rhino MayDay
Wednesday 26 October 2016


CITES debrief and panel discussion
Want to hear the lowdown from the biggest event in the conservation calendar? Tickets are on sale now for our Rhino MayDay, an evening talk in London where you can hear all about what happened at CITES from people who were there, and and what it means for rhinos.

Featuring Born Free Foundation’s Mark Jones and the Royal Foundation’s Naomi Doak, a panel of guest speakers will take a look at some of the most pressing issues in rhino conservation – and the most controversial. Starting at 6.30pm and closing at 9pm, tickets are a steal at just £10.

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Featured from the field
South Africa shows decline in poaching


Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park
Poaching may have decreased for another year in South Africa as a whole, as announced by the country’s Environmental Affairs Minister, but some provinces like KwaZulu Natal have shown increased killings.

A poignant description of finding four rhino carcasses in one day, by vet Dr. Dave Cooper brought home to us at Rhino HQ what amazing work Dirk Stewart, Section Ranger Hluhluwe Park and his anti-poaching teams do day-in-day-out.

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Corporate & Zoo Partners


Thank you to PAT
Thank you to South Korean fashion brand PAT for kindly donating £2,000 so far this year to help protect rhinos across Africa and Asia.

PAT explain: "What Save the Rhino International do to increase awareness, reduce poaching and demand are vital in slowing and eventually reversing this population decline. PAT have been using rhino as a brand symbol since 1971 and, of course, we have a love for rhinos and take special interest in protecting them."

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Zoos put rhinos centre stage


Natasha Anderson speaks at the EAZA Conference
On Wednesday, Rhino Monitoring Coordinator at Zimbabwe’s Lowveld Rhino Trust, Natasha Anderson, gave a talk at the annual conference of European Zoos and Aquaria. Held in the run up to World Rhino Day, it was an opportunity for Natasha to share stories from the field and hear more about zoos’ efforts to raise awareness of the rhino poaching crisis. To all our zoo partners fundraising on World Rhino Day – Thank You!

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