Kitesurf – Rodrigues International Kitesurf Festival July 24 to 28


(Posted 12th April 2024)


Questions to Oswald Smith, godfather of the 9th edition of the Rodrigues International Kitesurf Festival
Whether it’s competition or travel, it’s a gateway to the world



Last year, the Rodrigues International Kitesurf Festival was popular for its return after
three years of absence due to the health crisis. With the presence of world-renowned
kitesurfers like Jalou Langeree, Johana Catharina Edin and Louka Pitot, the organization
had worked hard to make this regional event an unmissable event for kitesurfing
enthusiasts. For this 9th edition, it is the South African Oswald Smith who will give a
boost to this festival.

? From July 24 to 28 of 2024, Rodrigues will host the 9th edition of the Rodrigues
International Kitesurf Festival. How did you discover this event ?
I found out about this even through my good friend Louka Pitot and Jalou Langeree. They
were both fortunate enough to attend the event last year and spoke very highly of the

? You will have a special status for this edition since you will be its godfather. You
follow in the footsteps of kitesurfers like Louka Pitot, rising star of world
kitesurfing, or even the triple world champion of wave riding, Jalou Langeree
(Netherlands), respectively godfather and godmother of the previous edition.
What does this mean to you and how was this status presented to you?
The status of godfather for the 9th edition of the RIKF festival is an absolute honour. I am
grateful to have been invited and feel a certain obligation and excitement to share my kitesurf
journey with everyone that will be attending. Kitesurfing is an incredible sport that can take
you places. I hope that as the godfather I can convince some people that if you follow
whatever dream you have it can take you places. 

? Kitesurfing is a discipline which is emerging slowly but surely on Rodrigues
Island. What could be done to give even more notoriety to this sport?
Kitesurfing is growing at an incredible rate and is practiced all over the globe. Of course; a
small island like Rodrigues isn't something you hear about every day, but nonetheless it has
the potential to become one of the great spots with the help of right media outlets and
recognition. Getting pro riders to events as the RIKF and through their feed creating
awareness is a great start to getting the word out there. 

? Have you already ridden on the island’s spots and could we expect to see you in
action during this festival?

I have never had the pleasure to visit Rodrigues as of yet, which makes this upcoming trip so
much more special and exciting. You will be sure to see me on the water whenever the wind
is blowing at every spot. 

? What would also be the ideal conditions to have the best level of kiteboarding
during these few days of competition?
When we talk about ideal conditions it can be a wide variety of things and everybody has
their own opinion. I think the best possible outcome would be 5 days of wind ranging
between 15 – 25kts. 

? You are described as a water sports enthusiast and for good reason; you now
have an eloquent track record with national and international titles in several
kiteboarding disciplines. What would you like to convey to kitesurfing
enthusiasts during your visit to Rodrigues Island?
My goal would be to convey a positive approach to your dreams and how far it can take you if
you put your heart into it. Kitesurfing is my passion and that passion brought me places,
because I believed in myself and worked towards this goal. We are all capable of anything if
we try hard enough.

? You recently joined the North Kiteboarding team. Could you tell us more about
this partnership?
I am ecstatic to join the North Kiteboarding team. We share the same vision of creating,
innovative, top of the line products and of course the love for the sport. As a sponsor I cannot
ask for a better brand to be affiliated with. I will be helping out with the research and
development of their new products and compete when necessary. 

? Finally, what will be your goals for this year and do you have a few words for
those willing to be part of the Rodrigues International Kitesurf Festival this
I’ve been competing for many years and for the first time in a long time I felt that my goals
and ambitions have shifted. I really want to go explore and kite new spots around the world,
not your normal lagoon, but the unchartered spots. I feel that this world is so big and we have
many locations and beautiful places waiting to be ridden. Through doing so I hope to create
more awareness for this beautiful sport and spark the idea that kiteboarding can take you
everywhere. Whether it’s competing or traveling, it's a gateway to the world. 



Interview by Olivier Chapuiset – Crédits pictures © Ile Rodrigues Tourisme Info / Joey Nicles Modeste – Alexandru Baranescu & Indo x Mystic x Ozzzy

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