La Digue to get fire station boosting infrastructure for tourism


The tourism sector on Seychelles and in particular on the island of La Digue has warmly welcomed the news that a dedicated fire brigade station is to be constructed. On the day of leaving the archipelago following a week long fact finding mission it was confirmed that the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services has signed a contract to build the islands first ever fire station at La Passe. The government of Seychelles has set aside over 4.6 million SRs and work is due to start in early October, when the chosen contractor has mobilized resources.
The contract was signed in the presence of he Hon. Joel Morgan, Minister responsible for Home Affairs and notably also Mr. Barry Faure, who is the Chairman of the Seychelles Tourist Board.
With a population of now 2.500 inhabitants La Digue is a popular island for day visitors coming from Mahe, via Praslin, to enjoy the relaxed and laid back life for a few hours, though tourist resorts, guest houses, holiday apartments and self catering chalets are available for guests wishing to stay longer and take a step or two back in time. The island, though a few motor vehicles are now found, due to be replaced by generous incentives from the Seychelles government by electric vehicles, many visitors still opt for the traditional ox wagon tour of the island or use a bicycle to explore the beaches and interior of La Digue, where the highest point stands at 333 metres above sea level.
The new station will provide accommodation for up to seven fire fighters and offers all required services to attend to a blaze with minimum delay, something a regular tourism source from the archipelago commented about: When we talk tourism development, this is part of it too. Tourism is not just our pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. It is not just our top class resorts or Seychellois owned little hotels and guest houses. It is not just our marine or terrestrial national parks. It is also infrastructure, like the ferries connecting Mahe with Praslin and La Digue. It is roads and reliable water and electricity supplies and it is also the availability of emergency services, like hospitals, health centres and of course the fire brigade. Now that we will soon have a station in La Digue, brings benefits to our own people and makes holidays on La Digue safer and I commend our government for investing in such crucial developments.
And there is no hiding the fact, that La Digue remains this correspondents favourite island, remote enough and yet connected by ferry to Praslin and Mahe on a daily basis, far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the busier islands and yet within reach when needed. But then who needs hustle and bustle, even of the generally laid back Seychellois style when peace and quiet, tranquility and serenity provide that quintessential island get away for those under constant stress? If Only comes to mind as Seychelles truly is Another World.

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