#LaikipiaWildlifeForum AGM coming up

Dear Friends of LWF,

2018 has been a momentous year, as we move forward in support of new organizations and partnerships emerging in the Greater Laikipia landscape.

Our strength lies in our collective action, and with a new Board of Directors, new Strategy, slightly new name, and your continued support. The new Laikipia Forum (the Forum), will provide the platform for some 120 organizations, and some 20,000 members to work towards common natural resources conservation goals.

At present, 8 regional associations/partnership are joined together by this common purpose and use the Forum to debate, resolve and tackle issues in this landscape.

Please find your on-line access to our Strategy and 2017 Annual Report here.

Kindly join us for our Annual General Meeting on November 3, 2018 at the Nanyuki Sports Club to meet our new Board of Directors and to learn more.

Read the Online Version of the Annual Report| Download PDF|

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