Lamu Cultural Festival ends on a high note


(Posted 14th November 2016)

Thousands of visitors flocked to Kenya’s most ancient town of Lamu over the past couple of days to witness the spectacle the annual Lamu Cultural Festival provides for spectators.
Airlines flying to Lamu’s Manda Airport but also hotels, resorts and lodges were reportedly fully booked as were busses bringing locals in from Malindi, Mombasa and beyond/
The strong interest and turnout provided a massive boost for other businesses too, including boat operators, traders and curio sellers as they did booming business.
Key events of the three day festival were a dhow regatta, the hotly contested donkey race but the focus was also on culture with poetry and art featuring high on the agenda to promote the unique lifestyle and heritage of this town which has been inhabited since the late 14th century without interruptions, unlike other ancient settlements for instance like Gedi.
Swahili cuisine was equally promoted and a Swahili Bridal Show only added extra ooomph to the event, as such insights are rarely available otherwise.
Henna paintings were in high demand did a source from Lamu reveal with the ladies wanting to take home some memories, lasting often for weeks before paling away.

(Picture courtesy of the Lamu Tourism Association)

Traditional dance performances drew in large crowds to see and enjoy the sights and sounds
Finally did musicians and other performing artists including acrobats showcase their talent when presenting their audience with Swahili tunes.
This year saw the 16th edition of this oldest community based festival in Kenya which closed last night after recording the highest ever attendance figures as confirmed by airport personnel for passengers flying in and out of Manda Airport.

(Picture courtesy of the Lamu Tourism Association)

The Lamu Tourism Association publishes an annual calendar of events for Lamu with several key festivals capturing the imagination of special interest groups. Next up will be the Maulid Festival from 27th to 30th of December. This is then followed in early 2017 by the Lamu Arts Festival from 17th to 19th of February, the Lamu Yoga Festival from the 08th to 12th of March and soon thereafter the Lamu Food Festival taking place between the 07th and 09th of April.
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