Legal cases over KTB appointments end, for now


The pending court case by the Kenya Tourism Federation against tourism minister Danson Mwazo was yesterday withdrawn in the High Court in Nairobi, following the Industrial Court’s decision earlier to re-instate Muriithi Ndegwa to the position as rightful CEO of the Kenya Tourism Board. A regular source in Nairobi attributed the dropping of the case to the fact that the material objective had already been achieved, when the Industrial Court had also ruled the minister had no powers to ignore KTB’s Board of Directors decision to recommend the renewal of Ndegwa’s contract by a further 3 years. ‘Should the minister opt to appeal, a decision which would only show how removed from reality and from the private sector he is, KTF would probably immediately restore the law suit. KTF’s association members are in agreement on several issues, one is to now withdraw the case because Muriithi Ndegwa has won his own suit in the Industrial Court, and number two, to resume should an appeal be filed. Mwazo is on collision course with the private sector and the rift is deep. He has made no efforts to right the wrongs he has done. Someone has to tell him about dialogue and finding common ground with the private sector’ said a regular contributor from Nairobi in a phone conversation.

Senior tourism stakeholders are keen to put this saga behind them and move forward and concentrate on promoting Kenya abroad, in new and emerging markets to ensure that negative reporting abroad is countered with factual situation reports. ‘Kenya for tourists is a very safe country. We have a good track record and we just have to pull in the same direction to make it count. We have confidence that new code share agreements by Kenya Airways for flights to Korea and Vietnam can tap into new markets in South Asia and that China continues to produce more visitors. We have very good products to sell and the KTB staff are now finally able to get back to work instead of wondering whom to greet ‘GOOD MORNING BOSS’ come tomorrow’.

And true that is, but watch this space to find out if there could be another twist in that tail.