#Lesotho operationalises Tourism Levy

(Posted 19th October 2022)

The Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Retšelisitsoe Nko has expressed gratitude that the Tourism Levy Act, of 2006 became operational on October 01st, 2022, after 15 years of its amendment.

The Lesotho Tourism Levy is a tax paid by tourists for specific travel and tourism services offered in Lesotho and 50 percent of it will be used for the development and maintenance of tourism.

Mr. Nko noted that as the corporation, they will be pleased to contribute to the country’s economic development through a tourism levy.

He said by maintaining tourism in the country, they will be creating more jobs in the tourism sector.

He appealed to Basotho to comply with the Act which he stressed is not intended to harm their business but will help them in the long run.

He stressed that it is the responsibility of every Mosotho to help in the development of tourism in the country.

Also speaking, LTDC Head of Finance and Administration, Mr. Maurice Thetso Thamae noted that 50 percent of the levy will be used to promote tourism, saying 30 percent will be used for administration while 10 percent will be used by the Ministry of Tourism to formulate laws and regulations for tourism.

He said the levy will be collected by the private tourism enterprises such as accommodation providers, tour guides and event organisers.