Likoni ferry deals more scares to users

Mid morning rush hour traffic across the Likoni channel served ferry users another shock experience, when MV Nyayo stalled before landing and drifted into the open waters of the channel. Another ferry en route was dispatched immediately to come alongside the stalled vessel to tow her back to land, but not before MV Nyayo almost collided with another ship, prompting angry outbursts by ferry users who were subjected to several hours of delays as a result. Let these people not tell us to be patient. These incidents are too many and they are recklessly endangering our lives. They talk too much how they are doing all sorts of things but they let us down very often when they have mechanical failures while crossing the channel wrote a regular contributor from Mombasa while then echoing tourism operators demands to immediately start constructing the bypass highway from the Nairobi Mombasa highway and from the international airport to provide a road link to the south coast. It is evident that the ferry is really not capable to ensure constant reliable and safe operations and during much of the day waiting takes too long. Tour busses can have priority access but must pay for 3 months in advance and we have demanded that there is a pay as you use service which smaller companies can use and pay at the gate. But really what tourism, and business need is the highway link so that we no longer are forced to be at the ferry company mercy. We have been patient for too long and this highway is so important to tourism like the airport expansion and modernization. The new highway will open a lot of extra business opportunities and bring more business to resorts in Tiwi and Diani all the way to the border at Lunga Lunga he then continued. Efforts by the companys PR manager to downtalk the incident to a small mechanical failure were also dismissed with comments not fit to repeat here. Watch this space.

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  1. Yes, Likoni ferry business is really hopeless. I have been folowing it 40 years.
    I do not trust for………………