Little guide but a big impact to enhance a visitor experience


(Posted 01st June 2015)

Visitors to the Seychelles will as of today be able to get the 2015 version of the famous ‘Pocket Guide’ which was produced with a 150.000 first print run.

The illustrated guide with detailed maps of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue has for many years been a crowd favourite and a holiday on the archipelago is not complete without the little booklet in one’s pocket.

Key phone numbers are included in the little booklet for restaurants and hotels, air charters including heli services, taxi services, car hire, the Cat Cocos ferry, boat and yacht charters, galleries, art centres and the shops which advertise in the guide.

The new pocket guide will be distributed free of charge through airlines, hotel receptions and concierges, shops and other places across the main islands.

Small island perhaps but for sure big ideas and it works to the benefit of visitors over many many years now, so perhaps a vote of thanks is in order for getting a new map every time I visit the archipelago and who knows where I might have gotten lost at in the past without it.

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