Rhino Charge 2015 – done and dusted until next year

The 2015 edition of the Rhino Charge is over and thankfully were only minor incidents recorded, though one competitor’s car caught fire and the driver and crew needed treatment which was immediately provided by the on site medical team.Fuller details will be available when the money raised has been counted and audited but it is already clear that conservation in Kenya has received another major boost, and thank you very much to all the contestants, their sponsors and the spectators who came all the way from Nairobi to be part of the 2015 event!


(KWS’ Paul Udoto, on site in Samburu, seems to say: ‘Charge, Charge, Charge … Over and Out’)

Details received from the Rhino Charge media team:

The 27th edition of the Rhino Charge is finally over with 64 entrants competing through the rough terrain of Kalepo (Namunyak Conservancy) in Samburu, Northern Kenya.

At crack of dawn, the competing cars lined up at the start with revving engines, full beam lights, and a mixed anxiety etched on the faces of chargers and their supporters. By early afternoon, at least five cars had dropped out of the grueling competition that tests driving skills and car sturdiness.

Following the drivers’ briefing, the raffle draw was conducted by Hannah Gichimu and David Kuria, two trustees of the Aberdare Trust representing the forest-adjacent communities and overseen by Rhino Charge Raffle Committee members. The winners of the raffle will be announced during the Prize Giving ceremony on Monday 1st June.

The event which has been held since 1989 has grown over the years in fundraise from KES 250,000 to over KES 102 million last year. Proceeds from the events have not only supported projects of the host communities, but also contributed largely to the conservation of Kenya’s main mountain forests, which are the sources of the Nation’s water resources.

The new arrangements for spectators, including the online ticketing system introduced this year, worked very well and were commended by many of the spectators coming to the Charge. They enabled a better administration and management of the event, an improved spectators’ experience and helped secure the sustainability of the event. Further, in consultation with the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, the venue airspace was restricted to avoid any mishap.

Kindly note that general information about the Rhino Charge, as well as updates about the event, including photographs, will be made available online on the new Rhino Charge website www.rhinocharge.co.ke