Mauritius news – Blackout hits island after lightning struck electrical installations

Tuesday saw unusual meteorological conditions over Mauritius cause severe thunderstorms, during which lightning struck key electrical installations, prompting an island wide power outage.
While beach resorts were able to switch on backup generators, almost the entire island otherwise went without electricity until later in the day and in parts until evening, when power was restored after the damaged equipment had been replaced.
Heavy rainfall accompanied the stormy weather, bringing much needed extra water to the islands main reservoirs, which had been depleted due to prolonged drought conditions, which also affected other Indian Ocean islands in the recent past. Domestic consumers were and continue to be subject to rationing and hotels and resorts, although supplied with preference, appealed to guests to use water sparingly and avoid waste.

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  1. We have a proper installation of electrical, but even do there are circumstances that we cannot prevent. In a run we prepare to have a safe electrical wrings.