More choices to travel to Washington for East Africans


(Posted 19th March 2015)

Enjoy smooth & easy connections to Washington as from $1,199!

Brussels Airlines has commenced a determined marketing and sales drive to support their return to Washington DC, which will, come 29th March, again be served five times a week. The airline’s four East African destinations Entebbe, Kigali, Bujumbura and Nairobi will all see special offers being launched as of today, offering a convenient through service from these airport via Brussels to DC.

While it is unlikely that passengers will be able to make the acquaintance of Olivia Pope, they will nevertheless be landing at the centre of political power in America and, apart from doing their business have the opportunity to visit many landmarks otherwise only seen on television.

The White House is normally open for tours upon prior arrangements but other landmark buildings like the Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Washington and Lincoln memorials are open too to explore and take in the history. Museums galore await visitors including the Smithsonian and a trip to Arlington to see the burial site for many of America’s fallen heros should be on a visiting programme too. A little further away from the capital can the sites of the Civil War be explored, as well as sites of the War of Independence while a number of national parks in Virginia, West Virginia and other nearby states offer great outdoor holidays for those keen on discovering more than just concrete jungles.

Brussels Airlines, through codeshare arrangements with Star Alliance partner United Airlines, offers an additional 50 destinations across America which can be reached with conveniently timed onward flights. SN will use their Airbus A330-200 for the flights across the North Atlantic and award winning wines and cuisine make sure that the proverbial ‘Savoir Vivre’ in the air remains a mighty incentive to travel with them, especially in their business class and more so in one of their ‘King’ seats, a stand-alone flatbed chair much in demand of course.

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