More rooms for Serengeti Simba Lodge


Located on top of what is locally known as Gambasage Hill inside the Ikona Wildlife Management Area, the Serengeti Simba Lodge has always offered great views, in particular over the Grumeti River and into the Grumeti area of the Serengeti. The latest addition to the lodge is the just opened Stone House, offering two family rooms with a common sitting room and foyer, besides an additional twin and three ‘queen’ rooms, all self contained of course. Two new supersized tents were completed at the same time, pushing available accommodation to now 21 units in total, meeting the growing demand for the property.

Being located in a community run reserve, adjoining to the boundaries of the Serengeti National Park, the lodge is able to offer walks and night game drives, something not possible inside the park proper, adding value for guests. Many visitors to the Simba Lodge could, if staying inside the park, never enjoy the close up encounters on foot, with trained guides at hand, or see the nocturnal spectacle of wildlife, the hunt by predators and the panicky escapes by plains game being stalked by lions, hyenas and other predators, especially when the annual migration of the wildebeest moves through the area.

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