More ‘Spotlight’ workshops planned for JNB and CPT


Derek Houston has just announced that he will be holding more ‘Spotlight’ workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town on 06th and 08th April respectively, during which East African tourism businesses can once again showcase their new products and itineraries to two key South African markets. Derek in an email yesterday said he once again expects to see about half of the anticipated 250 to 300 participants coming from the main East African destinations Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Zanzibar and Tanzania who have in past years made strong inroads into what must be South Africa’s strongest outbound market with a share of over 2/3 of the entire South African outbound business. Derek also took the opportunity to make it once again clear that INDABA is mainly a Southern African ‘inbound’ exhibition, to which most Eastern African countries are not permitted as exhibitors under their trade fair rules.

Another ‘Spotlight’ workshop in Europe is due to be held in Amsterdam on 15th of March and for more details do write to Derek at