Nairobi Safari Walk doubles fees for pupils, students and children


Come February will the cost of visiting the Nairobi Safari Walk at the KWS headquarters and entrance to the Nairobi National Park go up for students and children from the present 50 bob to 100 Kenya Shillings, a result of risen cost and the need to generate additional income. The source in Nairobi however confirmed that a separate agreement with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya assures members, normally drawn from among school pupils and students of institutions of higher learning, that their entrance fee remains at 50 KShs.

The same fee structure will also come into effect for the Impala Sanctuary in Kisumu it is understood.

Last year over 400.000 visitors came to the Nairobi Safari Walk, making it one of the most visited tourism and wildlife attractions in the whole of Kenya while the Impala Sanctuary in Kisumu recorded just over half that number, i.e. slightly over 200.000 visitors. Understanding the logic but financially painful nevertheless for school groups and individual visits from families, where every single shilling today matters.

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  1. Hi.i want to visit the nairobi walk over xmas.what the charges for me my wife and son 10 yrs & daughter7yrs.

    Thank u.

  2. hi my name is Ashley i would like to visit the place with my friends….how much do you charge

  3. Hi,KIPS College Greenspan campus would like to visit thei site,how much will it cost each student to gain the entrance.

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