Rwanda set to ponder introduction of hospitality training fund


The Tourism Chamber, part of the Private Sector Federation in Rwanda, has recently completed a field study aimed at establishing service levels and competence among staff encountered in off the books, off the record and incognito visits by the consultants’ staff.

The Rwanda Development Board, for the past years involved in an intensive campaign to create better skills through improved and advanced industrial and vocational training, has taken the survey results as a confirmation that their policy of attracting hospitality training institutions was and remains valid and has equally called on employers to take advantage of available refresher courses for staff in contact with clients.

Rica Rwigamba, Head of Tourism and Conservation at the RDB, was quoted of having said ‘The government is happy that the private sector is taking the lead in looking for solutions to the challenges facing our hotel industry. It is through such initiatives that we can solve our problems’, a clear signal that the deficits in customer care have been recognized and will be addressed in private public partnership.

Key among the issues raised in the report was the need of a changed mindset among workers, calling for greater dedication and embracing the spirit of service without servility.

Among the recommendations made in the report for the Tourism Chamber was a call for a national platform of dialogue and exchange of views how best to fast track training interventions, how to teach hotel owners and managers about better HR practices in their establishments to create a conducive work environment and the setting up of a fund from which training can be financed via a small add on to hotel and restaurant bills. Watch this space

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