Nairobi to Nakuru rail link disrupted following flooding in Naivasha area


Kenya Railways has yesterday, for the time being at least, suspended train operations between Nairobi and Nakuru after extensive flooding was reported from the Naivasha area in the Rift Valley. Motorists too were warned to be extra careful after the river Malewa burst its banks, threatening to submerge sections of the main highway from Nairobi to Nakuru. A key bridge is now being monitored for any potential damage which could pose a major logistical nightmare for road transport of goods and people along this vital link, as all transit traffic to the hinterland countries of Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern Congo passes on this highway.

Hundred of villagers had to leave their farms and homesteads as the water levels rose fast, destroying property, livestock and crops in season as heavy rains keep pounding parts of Kenya but also Tanzania and Uganda from where similar situations are reported.

Highway patrols are deployed to closely monitor the rising water levels and if necessary close the highway, which would then require lengthy detours by trucks, busses and passenger vehicles.

No accidents were reported by the time of filing this report though elsewhere in Kenya were several cars swept away in flash floods leading to at least 10 deaths as well as destruction of other property and displacement of people.

The announcement of the new cabinet is expected to be made in Nairobi on Monday and whoever will be put in charge of disaster relief and emergency operations will find his or her intray full as will whoever is put in charge of transport and works, having to deal with emergency bridge and road repairs from parts of the country where road transport has been disrupted. Rains, both a blessing and a curse.