RDB’s Rwigamba takes over chair of GVTC


RDB’s Head of Tourism and Conservation Rica Rwigamba has yesterday taken over as Chairperson of the Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration, which brings together Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo DR for the purpose of conservation and management of the mountain gorilla populations and their habitat.

Rica is starting her two year term as Chairperson at the end of the regular meeting of the tripartite parties in Kampala / Uganda yesterday following the end of term of her colleague Dr. Wilungula of the Congolese Institute for Conservation of Nature of ICCN in short, with the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Dr. Andrew Seguya hosting the meeting which rotates between the member countries.

Gorilla tracking is one of the most high profile tourism activities in Rwanda, Uganda and Eastern Congo, attracts thousands of visitors to the region and makes up the largest share of tourism related income for RDB – Tourism & Conservation, the Uganda Wildlife Authority and ICCN. Numbers in the three countries are estimated to stand at nearly 900 of the endangered animals, up significantly over the past decade as a result of cooperation between the wildlife management bodies, campaigns among area residents to promote conservation vis a vis benefit sharing and improved monitoring and security measures.

The cost of a gorilla tracking permit in Rwanda stands at US Dollars 750 per person while in Uganda the cost is ordinarily US Dollars 500, although a special low season promotion for the period up to 31st of May is presently ongoing with tracking permits going for US Dollars 350 per person.

Congratulations to Rica and all the best in dealing with the challenges ahead.

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