New Raffles’ Resort on Praslin/Seychelles adds value to gardens by planting the unique ‘coco de mer’ palm


Information was sent in this morning from the island of Praslin, that the new Raffles’ gardens just got a ‘boost’. Apparently 10 ‘coco de mer’ palms had been given to the resort to be planted at strategic points around their extensive gardens, allowing guests in the future to admire those unique species from ‘close up’ and maybe getting a taste to visit the ‘Valle de Mai’ national park on the island where an entire forest of these rare trees can be found.

However, the gardening team of the resort, assisted by volunteers and NGO personnel, also planted a range of other endemic plants and shrubs, overall enhancing the variety of plants on display and in the process supporting the conservation of several of the species.

Many resorts across the archipelago have in the past signed up to conservation activities and used their gardens and nearby areas to restore indigenous plants, shrubs and trees, a maybe small but nevertheless crucial element in maintaining biodiversity and encouraging and supporting ‘going green and staying green’ principles amongst staff and guests. Well done.