New record for Seychelles as 289 KG Blue Marlin caught off Remire Island



A group of Russian tourists going out for some deep sea fishing would not have dreamed about the good fortunes they were about to encounter, as they set out with MY Sea Stream of Marine Charters recently, captained by Graham Gower. Caught off the Remire Island, which is located towards the Amirantes group of islands, the monster marlin took according to a report received from Victoria several hours to land on board. Upon returning to Mahe the fish was weighed and came in as a new record marlin catch by rod, with 289 kilograms on the scale.

The Seychelles, besides all other known attractions, world class resorts, cultural festivals and marine and terrestrial national parks is also famous for the quality of deep sea fishing and many tourists, who in past years were reluctant to go out deep into the Indian Ocean for fear of the Somali ocean terrorists, are now returning to the archipelago to once again take up the sport, now that the waters off the Seychelles have been made safe again.

The source from Victoria did point out that in most cases marlin and sailfish caught are tagged and released but this particular catch, looking very much like a new record haul, was taken to port to establish the new credentials and promote the Seychelles with such news as a prime deep sea fishing destination. Seychelles, truly Another World

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