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International publication Kreol Magazine has now launched a new magazine app, available to those using Apple and Android devices all over the globe.

The Creole culture magazine has created this intuitive new app – soon also to be available on Kindle Fire – to make it easy to read the great features and stories from the magazine at any time and from anywhere, making it more accessible all across the globe.

The new app is a mobile-friendly redesign that has been enhanced with images, galleries and exclusive online content in addition to the same great stories and features that appear in the print version of the magazine, but includes. The app has been designed with the user experience in mind, allowing content to be read either online or offline and in landscape or portrait view, as well as incorporating a quick and easy search functionality, a contents menu, a bookmark feature, sharing capabilities and full online support.

With the slogan "separated by water but united by culture – Creole culture bible at your fingertips", Kreol Magazine is designed to showcase the people, places and traditions of the vibrant Creole culture that spans five continents. Regular features include spotlight pieces on professionals with a Creole heritage, articles about Creole celebrities, pieces on Creole culture, music, literature and art, as well as historical reports that focus closely on the countries that Creoles call home. The magazine aims to become a common thread that links all Creole countries and communities, which celebrates their unique cultural and ethnic identity and showcases Creole delights on the world stage.

Georgina Dhillon, the Editor o Kreol Magazine says, "We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new Kreol Magazine app. We are confident that the new app will make it far easier for our readers to access our exclusive content in a way that is convenient for them, showcasing all of the same great features and stories from our print magazine but with additional exclusive information and a mobile-friendly design. Our aim is to increase our global readership, and to become an integral part of the culture of Creole-speaking countries and communities across the globe."

The Kreol Magazine app is free to download, with both the current and previous issues available for just £2.99 each. Users can opt for an auto-renewing 12-month subscription, priced at just £5.99 for four issues, which will deliver new issues directly to their mobile device.

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