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April 2015

Lion Kids Camp Inspires 27 Children

For many children in rural parts of Kenya, an encounter with wildlife is mainly negative: they see the remains of a camel after a lion attack, or a leopard running off with their goat. The Lion Kids Camp lets children experience a positive connection with wildlife. The Camp’s educational sessions, game drives, and exercises are designed to inspire children to be the next generation of park wardens, safari guides, and wildlife biologists.

This month we held our 4th Lion Kids Camp which brought together 27 Kenyan children for five days of conservation education and fun. To date, Ewaso Lions has held 4 Lion Kids Camps that have reached 118 Kenyan children.

Ewaso Lions aims to instill a clear message to these bright young children: the future of Kenya’s wildlife is in their hands. All the children were asked to take the conservation messages home to their schools and their families, and to lead the way in conservation.

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73b63d6e-43dc-4415-80e1-80916b9720a0.jpgLoiwotwa on the Move

At first, we heard the lion at night from our Camp. But we didn’t know who he was. When the warriors tracked him to the Core Area in Westgate, they discovered it was Loiwotwa. He had clearly been traveling huge distances – all the way from Buffalo Springs to the boundary of Westgate and Meibae Conservancies. Yesalai and Letoiye have been out in the field keeping an eye on him. He seems healthy and has been feeding on a waterbuck. We are learning a lot from Loiwotwa’s movements as we begin to look at dispersal of young male lions in the region.

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a91ccf75-7148-4d3f-ae2a-9584dc066ed7.jpgGrand Opening of New Camp

Close to 400 people turned up for the official opening ceremony of the new Ewaso Lions Conservation Center on Saturday. Community members, partners, donors, and friends all gathered to mark this huge milestone for Ewaso Lions. We are both thankful and humbled for such a turn out. There were speeches, the weather behaved, the women put on a great dance, school kids held a drama, and there was plenty of meat for everyone to celebrate!

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5a830d0e-9bf0-482a-a484-dea7f50ca6bf.jpgWildlife Expo in Chicago

Are you or your friends in the Chicago area? Please come join us May 9th at the Brookfield Zoo. Our friends at the Wildlife Conservation Network are holding one of their famous wildlife expos in Chicago, and have invited Shivani to be a speaker. We’ll give a talk along with the Snow Leopard Conservancy, Save the Elephants, Vital Ground, and more. We’d love to see you!

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