No 351 Wildlife Trade News 9th March 2015

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‘Zim to continue with elephant exports’ extract: Environment, Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasukuwere has said Zimbabwe will continue to export its elephants to China (SHAME ON CHINA AND ZIMBABWE)

From this in Africa to ……

this in transit and …… this in CHINA



No 351 Wildlife Trade News 9th March 2015

Theft, illegal hunting continue in national park in Sumatra

Palm oil firms in Peru plan to clear 23,000 hectares of primary forest

Kenya: Five Elephants Poached in Tsavo

Kenya: U.S. Envoy Hosts Celebs for Elephant Campaign

Unpaid forest guards in Karnataka barely making ends meet

Left: Life for guards protecting tigers in India.

Below: Life for CITES etc officials in Geneva who talk, talk, talk, about protecting tigers. Is it any wonder CITES isn’t working? It’s as if these conference addicts are out of touch with reality and from another planet, isn’t it?

Remind us: How many hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised for “SAVE THE TIGER”?

And where has this money gone? Can anyone be held accountable for the money and lack of results?

Plight of forest guards who protect tigers from poachers… but haven’t been paid for six months
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Veil of secrecy over rhino poaching? Molewa must come clean, says DA. (NA COMMENT: The CITES Secretariat gave South Africa an award recently. Read this article and wonder if the award was poor judgement. And, why is one man allowed to decide who should receive an award? How can that be right? Wouldn’t it be fairer and more transparent if three people were to decide on the awards? Can you think of another global organisation in the world where one man is allowed to decide who should receive an award?

Zimbabwe pushes on with elephant exports. (NA comment: Is THAILAND a customer for these elephants? Why are CITES Thailand silent on this issue?)

‘Blood Ivory’ to go up in flames . SRI LANKA

Thai officials participates in global wildlife trade dialogue

After first praising film, China’s new environment chief silent on its censoring

Three arrested with rhino horn in Assam

Malawi MPs receive death threats over illegal wood

Remote Sabah island turns into killing field for sea turtles

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New footage from #Japan of dolphin hunts in #taiji‘s notorious cove

Why Not Retire the Circus Elephants Now?

Following public outcry, Costa Rica temporarily blocks exports of hammerhead shark fins

Controversial Spanish dolphin trainer who was hired to work in US goes missing after he was accused of ‘abusing dolphins’.
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Facing extinction… to make ‘green’ fuel: Deep in the Sumatran jungle, a British zoologist forms a magical bond with a young orang-utan. His mission? To help stop their habitat being ravaged
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Pictures: 8 Amazing Animals at Risk From Wildlife Crimes

Nearly 1m birds were killed on British military base in Cyprus, says RSPB

Now, excavators pose threat to

tigers in Karnataka

China’s one-year ivory ban can create momentum for change

Negros species vulnerable to extinction