No 368 Wildlife Trade News 27th March 2015

More bad news from around the world about poaching, wildlife and environmental
crimes … and as you will read, NO REACTION

Comment: Our request yesterday for news of any REAL progress having been made at the Botswana conference, has met with no response.

China, as expected, made no commitment to do anything different – why would they while CITES still kow-tow’s to their every wildlife crime? CITES will never punish China and it now has its co-conspirator in importing ivory, the USA, on its side. With the CITES pressure recently removed, Thailand couldn’t even be bothered to show up, which some might see as a major embarrassment for the secretariat.

We must, therefore, conclude this was yet another extremely expensive talking shop. Remember: Since last year’s talking shop in London the elephant slaughter has not diminished one bit.

Can you find on the CITES Secretariat’s web site any of the countless news reports critical of China? No? Does this strike you as a) censorship? b) favouritism?

in the spotlight today ……………………

From protected species to dining table: Probe reveals shocking images of China’s illegal wild animal butcheries EXTRACT: According to nearby residents, this meat market has operated for years and is home to the largest wild animal meat suppliers in the region. (NA COMMENT: Are the wildlife authorities suffering from selective blindness or are they complicit in the trade? Another report you won’t find on the CITES web site – the secretariat will see to that.)

Botswana questions China’s commitment on ivory ban. (NA comment: Good grief. A public official with the guts to speak out against China. CITES should either employ him or at least give him an award….but, China would veto either. extract: Botswana’s Minister of Wildlife and Tourism Tshekedi Khama on Thursday questioned China’s decision to ban ivory trade for a year, saying Beijing does not give the assurance that the measure will remain in place after one year. Speaking at the end of international conference on illegal wildlife trade, Khama said as one of the major centres for illegal wildlife trade, China’s commitment remains questionable.

No 368 Wildlife Trade News 27th March 2015

Chinese man caught with rhino horn. SOUTH AFRICA (NA comment: Did you EVER hear of anyone being caught and arrested while bringing ivory into China? Given the volumes involved doesn’t the lack of arrests worry you? Why are there no arrests?)

Botswana pushes for transparency over ivory stockpiles (NA comment: A scary headline for the secretive Malaysian CITES authorities.)

Not enough protection for Sabah wildlife: Judge. MALAYSIA. (NA comment: We have been saying for years to the Sabah government and the world, what you can now see is being said by Sabah’s very own Chief Justice. extract: He said though there has been much discussion on wildlife protection no one is being punished for committing wildlife offences in spite of the frequency in such cases. "Obviously as a result, no one seems to believe that the authority is serious in protecting wildlife. The court must therefore play its role in stamping out this menace of wildlife offences. "Enough is enough, the wildlife especially in Sabah is urgently in need of protection," he said. "If the wildlife is gone, they will go after human beings. Enough is enough. They are doing this for greed, they are selling this to China. It’s a syndicate," said Malanjum, clearly irritated with the situation.

Elephant Massacre Uncovered In Democratic Republic of Congo; 30 Animals Killed In 15 Days

Ivory dealers busted thanks to German travellers. BOTSWANA!

US government approves Dallas club’s rhino import permit

Fewer than 5,000 black rhinos remain in Africa and an American just got the OK to kill one

Zimbabwe sentences foreign ivory poacher to 10 years in jail

Challenges facing wildlife protection remain following int’l meeting (NA comment: article published in China, hence this bold statement designed for internal consumption and impress his own government – while fooling no one outside of China apart from some tame CITES officials.) extract: Chinese delegate Meng Xianlin, who is executive director- general of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Import and Export Management Office, said protecting wildlife should not just be words, it takes cooperation across the world in line with the law.

NATIONAL PARKS : GRACE DID NOT GRAB ANY ELEPHANTS. ZIMBABWE: (NA COMMENT: Government being economical with the truth?)

China plays important role in global fight against illegal wildlife trade (NA comment: More feel good conservation and sucking up to China? Think – the headline comes from a US official – and the USA is also up to its neck in the ivory trade. You can only judge people and countries by results, which in this instance are appalling, aren’t they? i.e. the killing of elephants to provide China, USA and others with ivory has not decreased – in spite of the London Conference. Do you see any evidence that China and the USA have dealt severely with the ivory trade?)

Challenges of Orangutan Release

How well are companies doing on deforestation? offers a new transparency tool

Chinese company fights for flamingos in Angola


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A LIFE OF ABUSE IN CHINESE ZOOS. What kind of people would authorise and approve this wicked trade? CITES officials, of course.

South Africa’s war over rhino horn: day two

APRIL ignores its own sustainability policy. INDONESIA

Forest in Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park in danger

The Quang Binh Province’s Industry and Trade Department is designing an industrial project which would destroy dozens of hectares of forest in the core area of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. It has not consulted with any nature conservation organizations about the plan.

Jokowi’s environmental commitments in Indonesia

Indonesia’s biodiversity-protected areas no match for encroachers, finds study

Traffic Southeast Asia This Fierce-Furry-Fabulous-Friday we feature the Black Spotted Turtle, found only in parts of Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. They’re often poached and smuggled in luggage as shown in this photo when Indian authorities saved 492 of them bound for Bangkok, via Kuala Lumpur. If you see them in pet shops or for sale online, please don’t buy. Report wildlife crime.