No 398 Wildlife Trade News: 2nd May

Weekend or not, the bad news just keep coming … poaching, wildlife and environmental crimes just
do not stop …

in the spotlight today ……………………

Pangolin Prison – Part II. EXTRACT: providing black market pangolin meat and scales to traders in China and Vietnam, and now this unimaginable hoard of dead pangolins needs to be destroyed. (NA COMMENT: This is what happens when CITES enforcement and Sanctions fail to be applied by weak, cowardly officials, isn’t it? You do know the CITES Convention is not being enforced, don’t you? Do you blame highly paid officials sat at desks for allowing this carnage to take place?)

3000 to 4000 slaughtered frozen pangolins lying in a pit before being burnt, 29th April 2015 Medan Indonesia. After a pangolin bust conducted by the Indonesian National Police alongside WCS’s Wildlife Crimes Unit. The haul of the world’s most hunted animal is valued on the black market at USD 1.8 million. Photo: Paul Hilton of WCS

Thought for today: "To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing,

and be nothing." Aristotle

No 398 Wildlife Trade News: 2nd May

Japan zoo group puzzled over dolphin hunt exclusion

Tanzania: Elephant Population Report ‘Misleading’. (NA comment: Maybe they meant to say ‘embarrassing’.)

Lao Authorities Investigate Local Groups Involved in Illegal Ivory Trade. EXTRACT “We are now thoroughly investigating [the current case], but cannot identify the suspected groups," a Lao police officer who declined to be named told RFA’s Lao Service. “Those involved in the case are the rich, and they will continue exporting ivory to China and other countries.”
Because of lax law enforcement in Laos, customs officials usually do not thoroughly investigate illegal wildlife smuggling cases, he said.

“In terms of the legislation, [the CITES convention] it is not upheld because the smugglers are able to deal with politicians and high-ranking officials through a conspiracy,” a legal expert, who declined to be named, told RFA.

Wildlife decline may lead to ’empty landscape’. BBC

The Devastating and Deadly Damage of the Ivory Trade (Video Clip) (NA COMMENT: Mandatory viewing for CHINA, LAOS, VIETNAM, USA AND THE MANY OTHER WEAK CITES OFFICIALS)

Balikpapan protected forest illegally logged. INDONESIA

Saving Indonesia’s Forests. Despite recent signs of modest progress, the fight to save Indonesia’s natural forests is far from being won.

Sarawak increases fines for illegal logging

Airline Takes On Big Game Hunters to Protect Rhinos, Lions, and Elephants. Africa’s largest airline bans the shipment of endangered animal trophies on its flights.

An elephant head with ivory tusks and other hunting trophies in a taxidermy store in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. (Photo: Robert Caputo/Getty Images)

Sumatran Tigers could be extinct if poaching and habitat loss continues

Tigers Set to Remain at Tiger Temple. Here’s Why the Fight for Their Freedom is Not Over

Hunter sent to prison for shooting down a kestrel in Malta

Brazil: Amazon Indian killed by ‘loggers’

More than R1,3?billion lost to rhino poaching in SA

Palm giants ask Indonesian gov’t to clear path toward sustainability

Indonesia: Good news and bad news on deforestation

Playtime at the elephant orphanage: Animals left motherless by poachers are brought up by ‘foster parents’ in 50-strong ‘family’
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EU rules intended to block imports of illegally produced timber are a "pointless burden" to British forestry, a Conservative MEP has warned.

Jane Goodall backtracks on elephant sanctuary, says zoo is fine

US envoy bemoans high levels of poaching. ZAMBIA

Somaliland: Saving Cheetah and Stopping their illegal Trade

Nine rhino poachers nabbed. INDIA

Bioengineered rhino horn is designed to counter poaching

Victory! 39 Rescued Circus Animals Returned to the Jungle

Animal Welfare Again in Spotlight at Zoos Owned by Official. CAMBODIA

Brazilian Amazon nears deforestation threshold past which wildlife may crash, says study

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