Safe e-Payment solutions remain in high demand in Africa as e-Commerce grows in leaps and bounds


(Posted 02nd May 2015)

3G Direct Pay Limited has established itself as one of the leading online payment solution for Eastern, part of Central and Southern Africa. To take their services to the next level they have now selected a significant technology partner and mobile digital payments provider, Cellulant.

This provides 3GDP’s customers with the freedom to pay online using ALL major credit, debit cards, PayPal and Mobile Money in a safe, reliable and secure, real-time system across much of Africa. Secure payments in fact held back the advance of mobile payment solutions for many multinational companies with concerns over the transaction security but with this issue now largely under control has a wave of mobile payments set in, often by people without bank accounts by money to spend on their mobile phone accounts.

Cellulant is presently the most connected one-stop mobile payments and digital commerce solution provider for businesses in Africa and provides according to clients spoken with easy and real-time connections to multiple mobile money operators. 3G Direct Pay end customers will be able to use and to pay online via, MPesa, Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money and many other mobile money platforms across the continent with immediate effect now that the deal has been inked. The mobile money payments made will be processed in real-time and, a huge benefit for users, the customer will receive an almost instant online confirmation and can use the service they are paying for without suffering any confirmation delays if money has indeed changed hands.

Mobile payments in Africa have grown dramatically over the past few years’ said Eran Feinstein, Managing Director of 3G Direct Pay before adding ‘We now want to expand from East Africa into the rest of Africa and we are in a position to support the massive mobile money online payments boom that’s happening across the continent. We have spent the past year growing relationships in Africa, so we can offer our clients substantial (additional) online payment capabilities’.

Establishing a direct partnership with Cellulant has been important for 3G Direct Pay, notef Eran as he added in a communication to this correspondent: ‘We have been looking for a professional provider who could supply excellent and reliable integration and service which supports multiple mobile money operators. Cellulant has an outstanding experience in this space’.

Ken Njoroge, Co-Founder and the Group CEO of Cellulant responded in kind when he said: ‘3GDP is renowned in the travel and tourism industry in East Africa for providing a safe, secure and trustworthy online environment. Cellulant can now connect their customers to a one stop mobile payments service’.

Cellulant commenced operation in 2004 and has built one of the most successful mobile commerce companies in Africa by Africans for Africans and for African companies. The company now operates in ten countries and their network connects 34 mobile operators, 45 banks and 63 blue chip companies across the continent including leading airlines, hotel chains, car hire firms and others.

Njoroge in closing then added: ‘We continuously improve what we do, helping to grow business for our merchant customers, as we partner with them to break new ground’.

Indeed is new ground being broken, as a recent article here about the launch of an e-Payment initiative for Malawi was explained. Notably is Africa, leading in the spread of mobile money payments ahead of the so called developed world, seeking to embrace and incorporate new solutions for e-Commerce with more and more transactions done almost entirely over mobile smart phones, by voice and data, before equally using the phone to effect payment for services ordered.

On a more close up and personal basis do customers in East Africa now regularly pay for their fuel purchases, for grocery shopping, pay for airline tickets and hotel accommodation and even for school fees. The latest craze is to order goods and even food or drinks online, supported by free Apps a user can download on her or his smartphone and hey presto, in the space of a short while will hot food be delivered at a minimal surcharge and the feast at home can begin, enjoying genuine restaurant food at one’s own table. Bon Appetite and Happy Shopping / Travelling for that instant gratification.