No 427 Wildlife Trade News: 11th June PART 1

Another dose of bad news about poaching, wildlife and environmental crimes

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STAGGERING RM19 MIL OF ILLEGAL IVORY: Putrajaya in global spotlight for the wrong reasons – AGAIN! MALAYSIA

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Conduct audit on seized ivory, Zairil urges govt. MALAYSIA

Allow an audit before destroying ivory stockpile. MALAYSIA

These reports relate to the Malaysian government’s persistent and extreme reluctance to allow its stash of ivory to be independently audited. It’s believed some of the ivory has been ‘misappropriated’ by government officials.

Will CITES take action against Malaysia or, will it accept whatever Malaysia tells them and, therefore, allow the ivory and other illegal wildlife trade to continue unpunished – just as it has done for at least the last 20 years? In other words, the inexcusable lack of CITES enforcement is part of the problem; a very big part. Do you REALLY believe CITES will sanction Malaysia?

No 427 Wildlife Trade News: 11th June

Combating corruption in the forestry sector focus of INTERPOL training in Malaysia

China calls on US to follow its lead in eradicating ivory trade

In the Race to Save the Elephants, will the U.S. or China Step Up First?

“The objective of CITES is to ensure that wild fauna and flora is not unsustainably exploited through international trade.”says John Scanlon, CITES


Bloodied axe leads to alleged rhino poacher’s arrest. SOUTH AFRICA

Kruger rhino numbers in crisis, says expert

No bail for Chinese national allegedly connected to rhino horns

Vet moved to tears by rhino Hope’s suffering. SOUTH AFRICA

Tana River wild life rangers arrest ‘most wanted’ Kenya poacher

“Earth Focus: Illicit Ivory” Reveals Devastating Effects of Ivory Trade

Traffic Southeast Asia. INDONESIA, AGAIN Dozens of Yellow Crested Cockatoos have been rescued by vigilant crew on Indonesian passenger ship KM Tidar. This is the same ship on which the cockatoos-in-bottles were found in early May. The ship now actively checks passenger luggage for wildlife:

Virunga: UK company bankrolled soldiers accused of bribery and violence in quest for oil in Africa’s oldest national park. AGM scandal for British company at centre of Leonardo DiCaprio-backed Oscar-nominated film.

How loggers are destroying the Amazon — and getting away with it

151 dams could be catastrophic to Amazon ecological connectivity

Island in a Storm. A conflict between the government and indigenous people threatens one of Brazil’s most unique national parks.

Ivory Ban Bill Passes California Assembly!

Ho Chi Minh City zoo official dismisses relocation rumors

Kenya wildlife rangers eye secure radios to outwit poachers

Elephant poaching crisis: Last chance for Africa’s greatest creatures

THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SLOW LORIS PET TRADE. INDONESIA. Please SHARE this video far and wide to help us expose the truth behind the slow loris pet trade – we need this video to be seen by as many people as possible to have a hope of ending the suffering. Our ‘Tickling is Torture’ campaign aims to expose the dark reality behind seemingly ‘cute’ videos of slow lorises.The video says it all – please watch, share and sign the pledge:

Why This Video of a Captive Orangutan Sharing a Tender Moment With Human Mom and Baby is Incredibly Sad

Dirty tricks of former timber crook’s palm oil firm threatens prime orangutan habitat

Wilmar and Musim Mas supplier continues to clear elephant habitat in

the Leuser Ecosystem. SUMATRA

World Bank Urges Better Resource Management in Indonesia. Indonesia loses $4 billion from its rain forests to illegal logging.

Farming is seen in the protected areas of the Kerinci National Park (TNKS), in Kerinci, Jambi, in May. (Antara Photo/Wahdi Septiawan)

Sussex wildlife charity uses drones to monitor threatened orangutans in rainforest

Erik Meijaard: That Sinking Feeling, Again. INDONESIA

Islands in focus: Police foil attempt to smuggle teakwood. INDONESIA – See more at:

Bulgaria: Log export ban extended

Turtle Poaching, Drug Trafficking, and Murder in Costa Rica (Trailer)

Poacher shoots, wounds ZAWA officer

Botswana reaffirms shoot-to-kill policy against poachers

Nine Chinese poachers freed. PHILIPPINES

Rampant Frog Poaching in State to Meet Demand From Tourists in Goa. INDIA

Gov’t backs prioritising nature crimes. CAMBODIA

Bolivia’s aggressive agricultural development plans threaten forests

Sea Shepherd to Pay Millions to Whale Killers. The activist group has agreed to pay $2.55 million in a settlement with a Japanese whaling group.

New Exhibit Now Open at Crime Museum Takes On Wildlife Trafficking

Africa: Airlines Sign Pledge to Protect Wildlife