No 462 Wildlife Trade News: 21st July 2015

Another dose of bad news about poaching,
wildlife and environmental crimes …

in the spotlight today ……………………

3,876 endangered turtles seized, thought to be headed for mainland China

No 462 Wildlife Trade News: 21st July 2015

INDONESIA: Scorpion Sayangkan DKI Tak Lindungi Satwa Langka

Siamang gibbon kept illegally by military officer.

Jakarta. Wildlife authorities have ignored requests for the gibbon to be confiscated. photo credit: Scorpion

Indonesia: Bengkulu Police arrest suspected ivory trafficker

INDONESIA: Quantifying the bushmeat trade in North Sulawesi

SABAH/MALAYSIA. 100% RSPO-certified palm oil by 2025. (NA COMMENT: what you might call ‘glacial’ progress. Malaysia could have begun this process at least 5 years ago, but instead they resisted and have now had to be dragged kicking and screaming into do the right thing. That said, taking another 10 years is a pathetic effort.)

SABAH/MALAYSIA: Will wildlife crime perpetrators be brought to book? (NA COMMENT: It’s never happened yet.) The Sabah Wildlife Department and police are not doing enough to nab those who injure or kill protected species like orang utans and Pygmy elephants.

EXTRACT: Enough of the lame excuses already. Get cracking to bring to justice the wildlife crime perpetrators.

THAILAND: Sanctuaries Unshackle Elephants With Nonprofit’s Help

The African grey parrot. The world’s most trafficked bird. 214 illegally captured birds seized yesterday by WCS Congo.



Experts: sustainable logging in rainforests impossible

What is peat swamp, and why should I care?

Ivory on flight to Singapore seized, Uganda requests help Wildlife authorities in Uganda called for help from Southeast Asia to prevent the flow of illegal ivory, after the seizure of shipments destined for Asia.

South Sudan’s rhino population ‘wiped out’ by civil war

The illegal trade in lion bones in South Africa needs to be investigated. EXTRACT: In 2011, 573 lion skeletons were exported, of which 91% were sent to Laos.


“The objective of CITES is to ensure that wild fauna and flora is not unsustainably exploited through international trade.”says John Scanlon

Coming together to combat international wildlife crime. USA

Warning Pangolin traders across Vietnam

After a survey of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City revealed that 30% of inspected establishments were violating wildlife protection laws, ENV is stepping up the pressure. Many of the shops offer pangolin products and pangolin scales to customers, who incorrectly believe that they can cure illnesses. ENV has produced an ‘awareness package’, which was being distributed to not only the violating TCM shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, but also to 825 TCM shops nationwide. The package warns shop owners not to display, advertise or sell pangolins or pangolin scales, and not to produce medicines with ingredients derived from pangolins. It explains that those who break the law could face up to 7 years in jail, or have their license revoked. ENV also sent correspondence to People’s Committees across Vietnam, calling on them to make TCM shop owners aware of the law and to strengthen enforcement of wildlife crime laws. Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV)

Police Nab Red Sanders Smuggler in Haryana

Remarkable airlift rescues 200 rhinos from poachers

Namibia Says No to Destroying Its Huge Ivory and Rhino Horn Stockpile

INDIA: Poachers hunted down more than 20 elephants

Duo flee wildlife raid. CAMBODIA

INDIA. Wildlife laws set for huge overhaul, draft policy ready

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