Ol Pejeta adds more value with opening of ‘Morani Restaurant’



In what has been described by this correspondent as one of Kenya’s most complete safari experiences, all in one spot, with a range of different accommodation facilities, from Serena to Porini, Ol Pejeta is now adding yet more value for visitors. The Morani Restaurant will open this weekend at the main visitor centre of the sprawling 90.000+ acres conservancy, offering meals for locals and foreign tourists who come for the day or else use one of campsites, not wanting to cook and yet getting an affordably quality meal. While entrance fees to the conservancy still apply, the arrangement nevertheless will be affordable with great daily offers on the menu.

This Saturday, 10th of November, will the new restaurant open its doors and then serve daily breakfast, lunch and early supper, from 8 am up to 6.30 pm, for guests. Mail Alastair at moranisrestaurant or visit their Facebook page via https://www.facebook.com/MoranisRestaurant for details about the menu, prices and reservations, which are especially on weekends strongly recommended. Congrats to Ol Pejeta for their continued innovations and provision of a great range of services.


(One of the mouthwatering dishes served from this Saturday onwards at the Morani Restaurant)

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    wow, ‘Morani Restaurant’ ………… for those who love staying in Camps, no more carrying food in tins while at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, wow!!!