Pangolins face extinction from poaching

The alarming story about the threats faced by a species less known than rhinos and elephant but equally under threat of extinction. In this connection it is even more alarming for this correspondent that back home in Uganda a Chinese firm was allegedly given permits for pangolin research, then breeding and one wonders what next, a company with no apparent track record for such scientific challenges.
Perhaps ‘Official Uganda’ can comment on this development while I continue to collect more information about an, if true, situation which stinks to heaven.

Conservation Action Trust
Poaching upsurge pushes pangolin closer to extinction

19 July 2016 | Traveller24 | Oscar Nkala | FREE TO PUBLISH CREDIT CAT

Despite the arrests and long-term sentences passed on several Zimbabwean pangolin capturers, dealers and traffickers over the past year, conservationists believe the increased seizure of live pangolins, pangolin scales, skins and other products indicate an upsurge in poaching of the world’s most widely trafficked animal. According to quarterly crime incidence statistics for the period January to April 2016 released … Full Story ?


A look at Nambia’s rhino horn syndicates

19 July 2016 | iAfrica | John Grobler | FREE TO PUBLISH CREDIT CAT

It is not hard to spot the successful rhino poachers in Okahao: at a time when everyone else in Namibia was suffering the effects of a crippling, four-year-long drought, they were building new houses, buying more cattle and driving fancy new cars. Some occasionally do get arrested for rhino poaching, but then get bailed out … Full Story ?


How many elephants are there?

15 July 2016 | Africa Geographic | Don Pinnock | FREE TO PUBLISH CREDIT CAT

After pangolins, elephants are the most poached animals in Africa. But to get to grips with the implications, we need to know how many there are now, were once and will be in the future.  Many people make the assumption that there are too many elephants in Africa’s parks and this is leading to ecosystem damage. … Full Story ?


Ivory sales: Fast-track to elephant extinction?

14 July 2016 | Daily Maverick | Don Pinnock | FREE TO PUBLISH CREDIT CAT

South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia are seeking to overturn a UN ban on ivory trade. If they succeed, it could spell the end for elephants. A United Nations ban on the international trade in ivory will be under attack by South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) … Full Story ?


Is SA’s predator breeding industry out of control?

15 July 2016 | Traveller24 | Melissa Reitz | FREE TO PUBLISH CREDIT CAT

A social media storm expressing public outrage at recent photos of starving lions and video footage of a disastrous wild dog introduction, taken at a farm owned by Walter Slippers of Ingogo Safaris, raises questions regarding the role that South Africa’s Predator Association (SAPA) plays in enforcing animal welfare compliance at captive breeding facilities. Photos taken by a neighbour last … Full Story ?

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