Planned Likoni Ferry strike likely to disrupt tour itineraries, airport transfers and life in general


Although not formally on strike yet did Sunday’s operations of the Likoni ferry suffer major delays, when at one stage only one of the larger ferries was operated, causing extensive back log and disrupting weekend plans of Mombasa residents wanting to go to the southern mainland or in reverse residents from there coming to the city for shopping and later on returning home.

Businesses, in particular the tourism industry, were warned in advance to make preparations for departing safaris and in particular airport transfers, to avoid travelers missing flights or having their safari itinerary disrupted, while the general population relying on the ferry is probably due for another day of hardship, attempting to reach schools, hospitals, business appointments and their workplace.

Word from the coast has it that the workers have rejected an offer made to them by the management of Kenya Ferry Services, probably cognizant of the fact that the country’s members of parliament, already the highest paid in the world after a series of pay and benefit increases over the past 5 years, has awarded themselves yet another multi billion Kenya Shillings far well gift to be paid from already deplete public coffers. A series of strikes of late by doctors and nurses, teachers and lecturers have disrupted hospitals and led to the unnecessary death of many patients while exams were delayed and classes disrupted. There is growing hostility now amongst Kenya’s social network users over the extent of being robbed blind by their MP’s and calls are growing for ‘pay back at the polls’ on March 04th General Election, when indeed a record number of sitting MP’s may be thrown out on their backs for dividing the country on political issues but uniting the make themselves rich at the expense of their electorate.

Watch this space for updates on the ferry operation when available later today.