Rising sea levels a clear and present danger to the Seychelles and other small island countries


Information has been received from the Seychelles that the government is spending millions of Rupees on the fortification of beaches and shorelines along the most vulnerable stretches of the main island of Mahe, to keep the rising sea levels caused by climate change eat away roads and ocean front properties.

The Seychelles were the first to raise global alarm over the impact of climate change and the resulting threat of rising sea levels to small island countries and has been at the forefront of forging a global coalition to mitigate carbon emissions by introducing green energy sources as wind and solar power, giving tax and duty incentives for electric vehicles and having declared more than half its territory as protected areas.

Stemming the rising tides however required global action and at both the Rio+20 Summit and at the United Nations the country is leading efforts to find acceptable solutions to limit carbon output before eventually reducing it through use of green technologies.

The present hotspot of ‘fortifying’ the coast line is at the North East Point where work is ongoing to create a rock barrier between the relentless waves at high tide and the road running along the shores, but other parts of the island too are being constantly repaired or rehabilitated, as otherwise several key roads would have already fallen into the ocean. Watch this space for updates from the archipelago as Seychellestruly are Another World.

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