President Michel inaugurates memorial site as Ethiopian launches rebated travel from France



President James Michel has earlier this week inaugurated a monument, dedicated to an event 150 years ago, when a landslide killed scores of people, amounting to a over one percent of the 7.000 strong population living on the archipelago at the time. The president unveiled the mural wall, located according to a regular source from Victoria near the bridge over the Victoria river, close to Liberty House, easily accessible for Seychellois but also for visitors to the island of Mahe, all of whom are now reminded of a tragic event a century and a half ago, which claimed 80 lives.

Besides a mural, depicting the sight of back then, a poem is also on display, written according to the source by the then bishop in charge of the islands, one Vincent Ryan. A commemorative plaque of the formal inauguration of the monument by President Michel too is on display.

DMC’s are said to be including a stop at the monument during the regular tours offered for tourists when they have a day out in the capital city of Victoria as a new significant point of interest highlighting the history of the country.

Meanwhile did news also emerge that Ethiopian Airlines has targeted the French market with a remarkable offer of 50 percent rebate on a second ticket, valid between the 10th to the 31st of October, and applicable to any fare booked for the first ticket purchased. This will undoubtedly make travel to the archipelago, which is due to host the Festival Kreol , taking place this year on Mahe between October 25 to 31, even more attractive and more affordable. Seychelles, truly Another World.

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