Serena extends free wifi to resorts and safari lodges



Changing times and trends are often lost on corporate entities, some of which still consider social networks the domain of their staff wasting company resources while at the same time hugely underestimating the power and influence of what a well planned presence on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other leading networks can do for their standing in the market. In particular in the hospitality industry has it become an almost ‘free’ promotional tool, to have guests not just tweet and post comments on their own pages, but to upload pictures of where they are – a picture considered to be worth more than a thousand words but for sure making a higher impact than 140 characters on Twitter.

At Serena Hotels this trend was recognized in time, competent staff employed to manage the company’s Facebook page and Twitter account and drawing in guests to interact and share their experiences in what is arguably East Africa’s finest ‘big chain’ hospitality group.

Network access in the group’s city hotels, like the Kampala Serena, the Kigali Serena, The Polana in Maputo and of course the Nairobi Serena, was free for guests for some years already. Now, according to information received overnight from the group’s Director of Sales and Marketing Ms Rosemary Mugambi, this has been extended to the Dar es Salaam Serena as well as ALL the safari lodges and safari camps as well as to the resorts like the Mombasa Serena, the Zanzibar Serena Inn and the Lake Kivu Serena,. The latter is located on a stunning beach looking across Lake Kivu towards the Eastern Congo and jump off point for the forest trails in Gishwati and the Congo Nile Trail, Rwanda has established for visitors to explore the scenic sights of the mountains, hills and shorelines.

Guests visiting any of Serena’s properties in Eastern Africa can now tweet their hearts out, post pictures on Facebook or Pinterest an become ‘brand ambassadors’ for Serena, enticing interest amongst a target group Serena would not likely have reached with such ease. Smart move Rosemary, one which will undoubtedly pay off big time.