#Reunion’s #Hellbourg in the running for ‘Favourite Village of the French’


(Posted 18th June 2018)

© Hell-Bourg Flat land - Eastern Tourism Office© Hell-Bourg - IRT / Serge Gélabert

France 2 launched the 7th edition of a contest to elect the "favorite village of the French" and show host Stéphane Bern traveled again the rural roads of France to discover new villages. For the first time in this competition is Reunion the only overseas region to be part of the competition.

The village of Hell-Bourg, located in the circus of Salazie and ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, had the honor of being selected for this contest . Viewers of the show on the island and across the French mainland have been asked to support Reunion’s bid by voting live on the show tomorrow the 19th of June!

Earlier in the month was a presentation clip on France 2 dedicated to Hell-Bourg and was published on the island’s Facebook page dedicated to the contest. There are images of the city center of Hell-Bourg but also the famous house Folio and its typically Creole architecture, as well as ancient thermal springs.
Like with the other 13 preselected villages will Hell-Bourg be the subject of a seven-minute presentation shot with Stéphan Bern in the circus of Salazie and broadcast during the prime time before moving on to the live vote. Nearly two million viewers on average watch the show and will experience once more a tour of France most beautiful villages they never knew about.

Every year, on his show, Stéphan Bern honors villages considered as the most beautiful in France. Broadcast each summer on France 2 since 2012, a dozen locations are pre-selected and then voted for by viewers.

According to France Bleu, the village of Kaysersberg has seen its attendance increase by 300,000 visitors in one year since its victory in 2017. The businesses and restaurants have seen their turnover increase by 30% and Hellbourg, in fact the entire island of Reunion, hopes to see their tourism fortunes improved should they win or claim one of the top three positions.

After the market of Saint-Pierre, ranked third in the contest of the most beautiful market of France in an earlier edition of the show it will be fingers crossed so that Hell-Bourg becomes "the favorite village of the French" of the year.

Added information about Destination Reunion can be found via www.reunion.fr and a promotional clip can be watched through the YouTube link below:


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