Rwanda breaking news – French magistrate’s report clears President Kagame and the RPF

Rwandans will be celebrating today as the contents of a long awaited judicial report, conducted in France by independent magistrates, are becoming public today. The main issue, after a clearly biased, probably unduly influenced and now completely disgraced Brugiere had accused the Rwanda Patriotic Front in general and President Kagame and amongst others his former Head of Protocol Rose Kabuye in particular, was where the fateful rocket was fired from, which brought down the plane carrying Habyarimana and his Burundian counterpart as they returned from a peace summit in Arusha. The French claimed jurisdiction as the two pilots of the stricken plane were French nationals. Independent experts have now confirmed that the trajectory of the deadly rocket put the firing location right into the middle of a loyalist army base at the time, when hardline forces gained the upper hand against Habyarimana for being allegedly too soft and too willing to compromise. His signature on a peace accord in Arusha, widely reported that day, sealed his fate and then triggered off an apparently long planned and swiftly executed genocide plan, which cost over 800.000 innocent lives before President Kagames liberation movement eventually pushed the killers out of the country who were fleeing into Congo at the time.
Brugieres investigation, really not worth even to be called an investigation, was surprisingly short and culminated in his indictment of senior Rwandan government officials, leading eventually to the ambush arrest of Rose Kabuye in Frankfurt, where German authorities executed a French arrest warrant. This was inspite of Mrs. Kabuye travelling under diplomatic immunity as head of protocol preparing the final touches for a visit to Germany by President Kagame at the time. Taken to Paris to face trial by Brugiere, evidence submitted soon reached a level that she gained freedom first on bail, before being cleared as expected and triumphantly returning home.
The report now available will be the precursor of the still pending investigation of senior Rwandan government officials being terminated, something which is expected to happen very soon, bringing an end to this sorry affair, where one clearly misguided if not pre-disposed individual caused the disruption of diplomatic relations between Rwanda and France at the time, since then however fully restored.
It is also expected that with this development the world will now pay greater attention to those responsible for the genocide and still hiding in Europe, America, Africa and elsewhere, to bring them to justice as they deserve, now that the innocent have been cleared of all allegations. A day to jubilate, a day to celebrate but also a day to remember over 800.000 innocent victims of one of the most gruesome genocides of modern times.

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