Uganda conservation breaking news – Rhino baby born at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary a few hours ago, mother and baby are well


News just came in that Bella, one of the mature female rhinos at the Rhino Fund Uganda’s rhino sanctuary at Ziwa, has given birth last night. While it is too early to determine the sex of the little one  these particulars are expected to become available within the next few days. The team at Ziwa was over the moon with the news, as the birth – while expected to take place in January – came rather suddenly and the rangers attached to Bella found her nursing her little one when they cautiously approached in the morning to do their roll call.
Ziwa now has 11 rhinos, 6 adults, 3 adolescents, one little rhino baby born about half a year ago and now the latest addition, to the growing rhino family. The third female adult is also heavy and expected to have her baby within the next few weeks too.
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Angie Genade, Executive Director of both the Rhino Fund Uganda and the Rhino Sanctuary in Ziwa, broke the news this morning to current chairperson of RFU Dirk Ten Brink and this correspondent in his capacity as Immediate Past Chairman of the Rhino Fund Uganda, beaming with joy. The author will be visiting the sanctuary in coming days and hopes to return with pictures of the new born baby, and the much awaited confirmation of the little rhino’s sex, hoped for to be another girl of course. Visit  for more details and information how to support the rhino breeding project and rhino re-introduction in Uganda or write to Watch this space.