Rwanda tourism news update – Museums to show ‘history and culture’ to tourists


The Rwanda national museums have just in time for the big Kwita Izina week announced that they will play their part in promoting cultural tourism aspects to visitors, showing them the rich history and variety the country has enjoyed for many generations going back hundreds of years.

The launch of the project is set for 14th June at the Rukari National Museum in Nyanza District of Rwanda where a range of artifacts and memorabilia will be shown to Rwandans and foreign visitors alike to create awareness of just how rich the country’s history, inspite of the events of 1994, really is.

The Rwanda Development Board – Tourism and Conservation too is throwing its weight behind the scheme, as is the tourism private sector, to enrich itineraries for tourist visitors while in the country and give them a glimpse into what life in Rwanda used to be, as well as what it is now.

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